Digital Signature Certificate - How DSC Works, Benefits of DSC , DSC Classes

Digital Signature Certificate - How DSC Works, Benefits of DSC , DSC Classes

Nowadays when everything is authenticated online, Digital Signature Certificate is another way of verifying the identity of the document holder. We all know how to sign documents physically and it is required everywhere from opening a bank account to enroll in some colleges. We are required to sign the documents in order to verify our identity.

Now the question here is when everything is online, how will you validate your identity In case of online activities that you do on the internet, in your computer, in your phone or anywhere else, etc. This is where we need a Digital Signature Certificate to authenticate or validate our identity.

What is Digital Signature Certificate ?

A Digital Signature Certificate is nothing but a signature in an electronic format, which is similar to the physical signature. It is used for different types of online transactions. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a protected digital key that is issued to validate the identity of the certificate holder by recognised certifying authorities (CAs). It includes the name of the individual, the digital signature, the date of issuance of the certificate and the expiry date, and the name of the CA.

How Digital Signature Works ?

Digital Signature is like a handwritten signature unique to each signer. It works by ensuring that digitally signed documents have not been altered by any other third party user intentionally or unintentionally.

When a signer signs a document electronically, the signature is created using the private key of the signer, which is always kept by the signer securely. The mathematical algorithm acts like a cypher, creating and encrypting data that matches the signed document, called a hash. The digital signature is the resulting encrypted data. The signature is also marked with the signing time of the document. The digital signature is invalidated if the document changes after signing.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) - How Does It Work
Here Is The Process How A DSC Works

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate

Classes of Digital Signature Certificate

Class 2 DSC- It is the most common digital signature certificate registered by the users. Class II DSC is used by both individuals or organisations for e-filing. Some of the main areas where it is required are :-

Class 3 DSC - The Class 3 DSC is the most secure of all the certificates. It is mostly used in matters of high security and protection. It is mainly used in online trading and e-commerce where it involves huge amounts of online money transactions. Some of the main places where it is used are :-

Process to Get Digital Signature Certificate Online

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate

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