Digital Signatures Certificate For Trademark Registration

Digital Signatures Certificate For Trademark Registration

Do you want to file for trademark registration online? To file a trademark registration online, there are certain documents required. One such requirement is the Digital Signature Certificate(DSC). In this blog, we will discuss how you can use Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Trademark registration and the process to obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Trademark registration.

The Controller General of Patents,Designs and TradeMarks (CGPDTM) has issued a Class 3 Digital signature online for e-Filing of Patent and TradeMarks registration in India. Therefore, Class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) is necessary for the e-filing of patents and trademarks. The applicant has the choice of either getting a digital signature certificate for individuals as well as for companies.

Those who already have the designated Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for any other application can use the same for e-filing of trademark registration and it is not required to obtain a new DSC.

An online filing facility for users who wish to apply for a Trademark, Patent has been introduced by the Department of Patent Designs and Trademark. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Controller General for Patent Designs and Trademark Mandate to file an individual's Trademark / Patent application. With Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) -Signing, only any person/organization can apply for a patent/trademark online.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

A Digital Signature Certificate ( DSC) helps individuals or organizations conduct online transactions in a highly secure manner and protects your digital investment information from any third-party exchange. It validates your identity and makes the data secure only those who have access can obtain the information.

How to apply for Digital Signatures Certificate For Trademark Registration ?

  • Step 1: Visit the Website

  • Step 2: Select the Class of DSC according to your requirement

  • Step 3: Then fill in your information for a digital signature certificate (dsc) application form.

  • Step 4: Make the online payment for your online DSC application form.

  • Step 5: One of the DSC registration experts will process your DSC Application

  • Step 6: Within 1-2 hour you will receive your DSC certificate at your registered e-mail address.

Buy Digital Signatures Certificate (DSC) For Trademark Registration

Any organization or individual can buy dsc with You can e-file IPO online using class 3 DSC for Trademark registration. Obtaining a Class 3 DSC, reduces the application processing time and increases convenience, and enables the applicant to interact with IPO via the Internet.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be used by Private Companies, individuals, organizations, insurance companies, banks, startups, telecom companies, Government Departments, etc. to digitally sign documents and forms. We provide services for all classes of DSC. You can buy class 2 DSC, class 3 DSC and DGFT, etc.

So hurry up and apply for DSC according to your requirement at You just have to fill out the form and leave the rest in our hands. You can also visit our FAQ page or ask your doubts in the inquiry form.

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Benefits of DSC for Trademark Registration

  1. A digital signature certificate (DSC) comes with powerful encryption, which helps in keeping the data associated with it secure and private.
  2. During the secure online transit of your DSC, powerful data encryption and decryption technology ensure that your personal information, including your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and credit card information, remains private and secure.
  3. A digital signature certificate (DSC) is an online document that uses encryption to offer confidentiality of the information and build confidence among users. About the security of their data. It essentially allows users to put a "seal of approval" on their documents without having to physically sign them.

Use case of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in Trademark Registration

The IT Act 2000 makes it possible for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to be used in the online filing of Trademark Registrations. The use of digital signatures on electronic documents is a method of verifying the authenticity and integrity of the document and ensuring its safety and confidentiality.

The e-filing system has made it mandatory to obtain a class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) for anyone filing the trademark registration, whether they are an attorney, individual, agent, etc. The certificate is required in order to file the trademark registration.

It is mandatory for the person filing the trademark registration to hold a digital signature certificate (DSC) at the Class 3 level. This offers the highest level of security and it comes with an annual renewal.


Class 3 digital signature certificates (dsc) are required for the e-filing of patents and trademarks in order to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the online application. This process guarantees the document's safety and confidentiality. We hope that this article has provided you with an in-depth understanding of digital signature certificates for Trademark Registration.

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