What are the Uses Of Digital Signature Certificate

What are the Uses Of Digital Signature Certificate ?

Digital signature certificate is used as the same as that of a manually signed signature.A digital signature authenticates an individual using digital keys. A digital signature certificate attached to any document constitutes a binding promise by the holder of the signature in agreement with IT law in India.

One of the main points of the uses of digital signature certificate is to ensure that the receiver receives the documents in the original format as sent by the sender, and no other change has been to the files.The use of digital signature is rising, as it provides the data security. DSC helps to acquire the government or private tenders are available electronically or digitally.

In India it is compulsory for most to electronically file taxes such as income tax, sales tax etc. Uses of digital signature in any of these electronic transactions are mandatory to make it legally binding.

Uses Of Digital Signature Certificate

Uses of digital signature certificate can involve sending protected email, as well as making monetary transactions based on the Internet. You can also use Digital Certificate to sign code for any software you have created, or to prove ownership of your domain name. Use of digital signature is also mandatory in India for registration of patents and trademarks.

Here is the list of the foremost efiling, e tender and eprocurement websites where the use of Digital signature certificate is required for login

However Use of a digital signature certificate is not restricted to this. Also, one of the uses of digital signature also includes banking transactions and mobile security.

Uses Of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Class

Digital Signature Certificates are divided into class according to the type of there requirement

Process to Apply to Make Uses of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital Certificate can be used for MCA21, income tax, e-filing, eProcurement, and for many other reasons. We provideDigital Signature Certificate by Certifying Authorities with an easy process.

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