What Are The Different Types Of Digital Signature Certificates?

Documentation of every relevant article of an organization is extremely important. It is necessary that the company focuses on keeping a record of all of their documents which can help to put forward their business ideologies at any time. The point of documentation is to keep a record but it cannot be denied that documentation is a very tedious task. It requires a huge number of people to dedicate their time and energy to fill out sheets of papers with the required information and the storage costs for the process of documentation which plays a crucial role in decimating the capital of a company. It is necessary that the company invests properly into the process of documentation to serve its purpose and manage its economy at the same time. Here comes the application of digital documentation.

Documentation of the articles can be done digitally which can save the cost of pen and paper and at the same time is very beneficial for nature as well. It is a great step that has been taken by most of the companies to reduce the stress of the employees who are involved in the task of documenting every single step taken by the company. Companies have been investing a great deal in the development of digital documentation to reduce their costs. And when they are interested in digital documentation, they are concerned about the copyright of their company as well. Here comes the development of digital signatures.

DSC - Digital Signature Certificate online process to apply for DSC

Description of Digital Signature Certificates

A digital signature certificate can be described as a key that can help to provide a certain type of validation and verification of the digital signature done on the document. The certificate is provided by a group of members of a board who are within the scope of providing such permission. The digital signature certificate will make sure that the person who is supposed to sign the file signs it without any other outer influence. The encryption is done in such a way that after providing the certificate the access to the stated document becomes limited in spite of being in a public cloud. This is very essential to maintain the security of the company and its documents.

Types of Digital Signatures Certificates

One can never deny the need for digital signatures in the present time. The 3 types of digital signature certificates are:

  • Class 2: The Class 2 Digital signature can be used to file the income tax VAT and the registration of any organization. The Class 2 DSC type of digital signatures is essential for the companies which are in limited liability partnership (LLP) incorporation, income tax or It return e filing. They are also required to obtain the DIN or DPIN and the filing of the forms which are related to the Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) and the income tax department. The class 2 type of Digital signature certificate can also be used for the PF, ROC,(GST)Good Service Tax, etc other than e-tendering. Class 2 is considered as the normal Signature Certificate in the digital aspect.

  • Class 3: The Class 3 Digital Signature is the main requirement when the online procurement process which involves high financial value and e-tendering at the same time. The class 3 digital signature certificates are in the form of the USB e-token or an electronic token. In this method, the digital signature certificate is stored in a USB flash and this can be accessed whenever needed through the medium of the computer to read the documents in an electronic platform.

  • DGFT: The DGFT Digital Signature is considered to be important when the digital signature is to be performed in the electronic format for transactions that have to be performed through the web browser on the DGFT portal. This can be used by the exporters and importers of the community who are already registered with the DGFT. The DGFT Digital Signature can be considered as a part of the class 2 type of certificate for the EXIM companies who are already in possession of the IEC in India. The DGFT Digital Signature DSC is a type of certificate that can be issued by the organization only with the presence of a signing certificate. The code of Import and export is indispensable to get a DGFT. The DGFT code is very user friendly and can be accessed by anyone who logs into the DGFT portal or website. The working of this website is smooth and helpful.

  • Procedure to apply for DSC - Digital Signature?

    The process to Apply Digital signature online - DSC Digital Signature Certificate - Apply for DSC, Benefits, Documents required for DSC

  • Step 1: Visit the official Digital Signature Certification Website
  • Step 2: Fill all the details on DSC - Digital Signature Application Form as per your requirements
  • Step 3: Make the online payment for your DSC - Digital Signature Application
  • Step 4: One of the DSC registration executives will process your Digital Signature Application
  • Step 5: Within 1-2 hour you will receive your DSC certificate in your registered e-mail address

  • DSC - Digital Signatures Certificates

    These are some of the essential types of digital signature certificates. These are even more important in recent times of business just not for the benefit of the company but for the protection of nature as well. The digital signatures certification will ensure the safety of the documents to a great deal. The involvement of a neutral third party will also make sure that the contract works well between the two parties who are about to sign it. The digital signature certificate will also ensure a larger number of clients who want to enroll their documents into the field of digital signing. The attainment of a digital signatures certificate is very crucial for any organization.

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