Differentiation Of Digital Certificates

Differentiation Of Digital Certificates based on Specific Uses Of DSCs

With the increase of digital documentation, endeavors are taken up by every company, it has become very important to encrypt or safeguard every document against fraudulent activities and theft. The companies have sought relief from the procedure of digital signatures which can protect their documents from any kind of manhandling. The activity of digital signatures has been brought on the effect of digital signature certificates which would help to verify the encryption made on these documents.

DSC - Digital Signature Certificate online process to apply for DSC

What is DSC Certificate - Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature certificate can be described as an e-document that has been developed to set identity to a particular individual or organization. The function of the digital signature certificate is to provide a public key to the person who has been associated with the business and has his or her name submitted when the details of the company are submitted. Every time a DSC is issued, the public key is invoked which helps in the identification of the individual about the certified document or contract.

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Differentiation of Digital Certificates Based on the Usage of DSCs

The issuing of a proper DSC has been crucial to maintaining the security of a company. The stringent security system is required to protect the documents of the company. The certification made by the board of certifying authorities will ensure strict security for the organization. There are different types of DSC which can be applied in various sectors. The types are:

  1. Individual Digital Signature Certificates (Signing Certificates) It can be assumed from the name itself that the individual digital signature certificate can help to identify the individual based on the name and personal details. This type of digital signature certificate can be used to sign documents and emails on a personal level. This is a minimum amount of security that can be provided by signature software. The individual digital signature certificate can also help to restrict any kind of access to information of sensitive nature.

  2. Server Certificates This type of digital signature certificate can help to identify servers and help in the adoption of the name of the host (eg.“https://hostwebsite.com/”) or server IP(eg.”92.168.x.x”). These types of certificates are known as server certificates. These certificates are also very essential to enable SSL protocols. This is done to ensure that all kinds of communication which flow from one network to another is secured well. Security is provided to the rally of the network system which is responsible for the transfer of the information held by the organization.

  3. Encryption Certificates The encryption certificates are very important to encrypt data of any kind when this information is being transmitted. The public key which has been provided for the individual DSC can encrypt the data during the time of online transmission. The certification authorities can also help to provide separate certificates for the process of encryption and digital signature at the same time.

Digital Certificate Types and its Uses

The digital signatures can also be divided into the levels of class 2, class 3, and DGFT types of certificates. This can help to scale the level of encryption for each document separately. The certification authorities are a third-party committee that can look into the matter of security verification of a contract. This is done to make sure of the fact that no breach of obligations takes place from either side of the signing parties.

The development of the digital signature certificate has been very helpful for the maintenance of natural resources. With the decimation of various natural resources all over the world, it has been useful to set up an online mode of documentation. These documents can be protected by a digital signature which in turn is provided by DSC. The use of DSC is being promoted in every type of organization in contemporary times.

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