Digital Signature certificate for Foriegn Trade

Digital Signature Certificate for Foreign Trade - DGFT

Digital signature certificates for Foreign Trade (DGFT) can be used by importer and exporter organizations to ensure the authentication of the document. A digital signature certificate can be used to sign the License Application form online electronically by securely logging on to the DGFT Online License Filing Application. This helps the user to keep their online transaction secured and ensures the users that the data cannot be viewed or altered by any unauthorized person.

A digital signature certificate, also commonly called a digital ID, is an electronic document used to verify the identity of the sender of an electronic message or the signer of a document. It is required that each EXIM company use a digital signature for all kinds of DGFT processing and dealings.

DGFT can prevent any fraudulent practices easily by using the class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for Foreign Trade. It will also improve on response time taken while applying for a license with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

Which type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Foreign Trade (DGFT)?

A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for any organization seeking an import or export license that needs to be registered in the name of one organization's authorized representative to represent the organization. Since a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is recognized by the legal system, all documents submitted using a DSC are considered similar to the physically signed documents. We also attract the benefits endowed upon them through the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

A digital signature certificate (DSC) for Foreign Trade gets issued once the task of confirming the sender's recognition, and legitimacy of documents are confirmed. Apart from this, the DGFT portal offers the facility of online application submissions to decrease up to 50% license fee for all the companies which are EXIM-based. By filling out the entire bill through a digital signature certificate, companies can stop fraud. It is recognized as on the same level as physically signed documents.

Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificate Foreign Trade

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Foreign Trade is issued only by providing these documents:-
  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card of the applicant
  • GST Certificate
  • ID Card of the Employee
  • Authorized ID Card of the Employee
  • PAN Card of the Company
  • Photograph of the applicant in .jpg format
  • List of Directors
  • IEC Certificate

If the applicant is not a director, then an authorization letter would be required from the director.

Concerned Director getting authorized to have a digital signature certificate by Board of Resolution letterhead.

The process to Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Foreign Trade offers digital signatures online for foreign trade at a reasonable price in India. You only need to submit the digital signature application form along with the required documentation to obtain the DGFT Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Foreign Trade at So, hurry and get your digital signature online from our website.

System and other requirements

Operating System: Windows 32/64 bit, macOS, Linux
Browser: Google Chrome 70+, Internet Explorer 12+, Mozilla Firefox 70+
Administrator access in order to install the emSigner component (
Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate which is currently valid
Mobile number
Email ID

DSC Registration process on the DGFT Website

  1. Visit the online portal of DGFT's official website DGFT
  2. Go to the "My Dashboard" tab from the homepage.
  3. Enter your credentials. In case you don't have an account, create a new account on the portal.
  4. Go to the "My Dashboard" menu; click on the "View and Register Digital Token".
  5. Click on the "Register New DSC Button"
  6. You are required to select your digital signature certificate credentials. Provide the DSC provider list, certificate list, and password for your certificate.
  7. Double-check the input and click on "Register " to proceed.
  8. If the details provided are accurate, the service will be ready for use.


The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Foreign Trade Policy with the objective of promoting India's exports.

One of the main functions of the Directorate is to prevent any fraudulent practices in Foreign Trade. The class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Foreign Trade will help the Directorate in this regard and also dramatically improve the response time taken while applying for a license.

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