Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) - How Does It Work

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) - How Does It Work ?

A digital signature is used to ensure that the file(s) sent digitally belongs to a specified source and reaches the intended receiver in its original format without any changes In basic terms, a digital signature functions in the same way as an envelope seal does.

For people who want to give a physically signed contract to another country. The papers will need to be sent via a courier. This method requires lots of paperwork and waste precious time thereby. Instead, the papers could have been submitted online in a matter of minutes if you had only used a digital signature. That way, you can save both time and money. Numerous research carried out around the world show that the use of digital signatures can save every working professional a whole working week. The time saved coupled with the inevitable money savings will certainly drive the rapid adoption of digital signatures around the world.

How A Digital Signature Certificate Work

Digital signatures work by ensuring that, intentionally or unintentionally, a digital message or document has not been changed from the time it was signed. Digital signatures do so by using the sender's private key to produce a specific hash of the message or document and encrypt it. The generated hash is unique to the message or document, and changing any part of it will change the hash altogether.

Once the message or document is complete, it is digitally signed and sent to the receiver. The receiver then generates its own message hash or digital code, and decrypts the hash of the sender (included in the original message) using the public key of the sender. The recipient compares the hash created against the decrypted hash provided by the sender; if they match, the message or digital document is authenticated

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) - How Does It Work
Here Is The Process How A DSC Works

Benefits Of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Tha main benefit of Digital Signature Certificate is that it protects the data content from any changes or threats. Aside, from this there are many benefit of obtaining a DSC . Some of them are as follows :-

Process To Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)