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Digital Signature Certificate for E-Ticketing

IRCTC provides catering, tourism, and online ticketing services to railways. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. Rail Travel Service Agents was authorized by IRCTC to purchase secure tickets and do bookings for passengers. Check out how you can apply for a Digital Signature Certificate for E-Ticketing.

To finish the process securely IRCTC mandate the concept of a Digital Signature Certificate for e-ticket issuance by the authorized agents.

When an RTSA (Rail Travel Service Agent) user logs on to the IRCTC website, an application will verify the authentication of a class 3 digital signature certificate. If the digital certificate is authenticated, the application will allow the user to book the number of tickets that the agent wants to book. There are no limitations on the number of tickets the agent can book.

A digital signature certificate provides you with the digital investment you need to carry out transactions in a highly secure manner, guaranteeing the absolute confidentiality of the information you want to exchange. It validates your identity, making you a trusted entity in the digital world, and encrypts your valuable information so that only the chosen addressees can read it.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing?

Any Authorized Official Agent should have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to issue a Ticket to any User. To get a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing, an agent needs to fill Application Form and need to submit all documents. After obtaining a Class 3 DSC, an agent needs to register himself with the IRCTC principal agent.

Why Digital Signature is required for e-Ticketing?

e-Ticketing is an online process of Ticket Booking started by IRCTC for passengers. Any Authorized Agent by IRCTC must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to do e-Ticketing. e-Ticketing is the safest and fastest way to book tickets securely. IRCTC has started the concept of a Digital Signature Certificate to complete the process securely to login and issue the DSC. Each authorized agent, therefore, requires an individual Class 3 digital signature certificate only. After obtaining Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - Signing Only, the agent needs to map that Digital Signature Certificate with IRCTC through a principal-agent.

How to Apply for a Class 3 DSC?

Get the class 3 digital signature certificate by completing these simple and easy steps:
Step 1: First visit our digital signature portal.
Step 2: Now select the class, certificate, and user type.
Step 3: Select the validity period i.e 1 or 2 years.
Step 4: Now fill in all the details correctly in the form and make an online payment for your application.
Step 5: After all the process over you will get your digital signature certificate at your registered email address.

Which type of Digital Signature Required for e-Ticketing?

Any authorized agent must hold a Class 3 (Individual User) Digital Signature Certificate to do the e-Ticketing A digital signature certificate would be issued in the name of the individual to perform the e-Ticket.

To get your personalized Digital Signature Certificate for E-Ticketing, you can communicate with our technical support experts. Our experts would be happy to help you. So hurry up and apply for DSC according to your requirement at

You just have to fill the form and leave the rest in our hand. You can also visit our FAQ page or ask your doubt in the enquiry form.

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