Digital Signature Certificate for E-Tenders

Digital Signature Certificate for E-Tenders

E-procurement is a business-to-business (B2B) mechanism in which goods and services are procured and distributed over the internet. It differs from e-commerce in the sense that it is a closed system that enables the participation of only a small number of registered users.
E-procurement provides a line of communication between a business and a supplier, enabling interactions such as bids, purchase orders, etc.

In order to conduct business online, e-tender is used as a forum for advertising these procurements. A Digital Signature Certificate is essential for carrying out an e-tendering process.
A Class 3 type of digital signature certificate is required for e-tendering which provides the highest level of security for tendering applications. Digital signature validity can vary over a period of 1, 2 or 3 years.

How a Digital Signature Works?

While registering for a digital signature certificate, a private and public key are generated using the same algorithm by the controller of Certifying Authority (CA). The private key is shared with the respective individual/party only whereas the public key is made universal.

The private key is a secure digital key which is used to decrypt one’s signature using the public key. The digital signature of a person can only be authorized when the private key successfully decrypts the public key.

Advantages of E-Tendering

Applying for a Class 3 Certificate

  1. Visit the edigitalsignature website and click the Digital Signature option

  2. Fill in the required details

  3. Make an online payment for your application

  4. After the payment, the DSC registration experts will process your application

  5. The DSC will be sent to your registered email-id within 2 hours.

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