Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

A class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) provides the highest level of assurance and is issued by the certifying authorities. The certifying authorities are the licensed agencies that issue the digital signature certificates. Class 3 DSC is issued to individuals and organizations. Class 3 DSC is used for the filing of electronic documents and electronic tenders and auctions; e-bidding e-auctioning, patent filing, corporate logos; E-filing, VAT returns, E-filing, TDS returns E-filing, income tax, E-filing, word or PDF signatures, and more.

This certificate is issued to individuals who are physically present before certifying authorities. It is used primarily in online trading platforms and e-commerce portals, which involve large amounts of money and highly sensitive data.

Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an online security measure that allows you to prove your identity electronically. It proves the identity of the person just like a passport, driving license, and PAN cards allow you to prove your identity online. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an encrypted digital code that is attached to an electronically transmitted document to verify the identity of the sender. It includes information about the username, pin code, country, email address, date of issuance of the certificate, and the name of the certifying authority.

Types of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate - Class 3A DSC is mainly used for eTicketing . Because of the introduction of an online ticket booking system (E-Ticketing) introduced by Indian Railways for approved official agents. The authorized agent, with a Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate, can issue an e-ticket to any user through the IRCTC website. After obtaining a Class 3A Signing Digital Signature Certificate, the agent must map the Digital Signature Certificate to the IRCTC website (DSC). Digital Signature Certificate of Class 3A Signing for the online filing facility on the Department of Patent Designs and Trademark must also be accessible to users who wish to apply for a trademark.

Class 3B Digital Signature Certificate - Class 3B organization is mandatory for an organization, company, or company that is applying for any e-tender, e-auction with digital signature signing and encryption certificate provided on behalf of any organization, company, or company that wishes to submit e-procurement online offers to an approved entity.

Benefits of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

  • A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an encrypted digital key that can be used to access information or conduct secure transactions online. It helps in securing email and Web-based transactions or to find other participants in web-based transactions by providing them with a digital identity that can be used to digitally sign and encrypt documents.

  • At its most basic, Domain-validated SSL/TLS only requires that you prove you own the domain name. This makes it the fastest and easiest type of SSL/TLS certificate to get. Domain-validated SSL/TLS certificates are perfect for personal websites or blogs, non-sensitive internal company websites, and landing pages. They encrypt the connection between your website and the user's browser, ensuring any data that's exchanged is private and secure.

  • Class 3 DSC can be used for a range of purposes, including e-tendering documents, filing income tax returns, accessing membership-based websites automatically without entering a username and password, and signing online forms. With a Class 3 DSC, you can also file GST returns, sign documents digitally, and authenticate yourself on various e-governance platforms.

Process To Apply For Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

  • Step 1: Visit the Digital Signature Certificate Website

  • Step 2: Select the option "Class 3" DSC

  • Step 3: After selecting the option, fill in all the required details needed for the digital signature certificate application form

  • Step 4: Make the complete online payment for your online DSC application form

  • Step 5: One of the DSC registration experts will process your DSC Application

  • Step 6: Within 1-2 hours, you will receive your DSC certificate at your registered e-mail address.

What are the uses of the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate?

The uses of Class 3 DSC are as follows:

  1. E-Tender
  2. E-Auction
  3. Filing of Income Tax Report
  4. GST Registration
  5. Trademark Registration
  6. Icegate Use
  7. Per Annum filing of compliances
  8. Registration of Company
  9. Import-Export Code
  10. Registration of EPF
  11. Filing of GST, etc.

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Class 3 DSC is issued to both individuals and organizations and is primarily used for the filing of electronic documents, such as patents, tenders, bids, and auctions. Some of the benefits of having a Class 3 DSC include increased security, better speed and efficiency, and lower costs.

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