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Digital Signature can be described as a code of certain type which can be generated by the person who is signing the document with the computing abilities of the relevant software. The code is permanently attached to the document and this code is the digital signature. The code varies from software to software. That is why signatures are of different algorithms or computations. Digital signatures are even more important in recent times because these provide a certain amount of security to a document. The security is well bound because these signatures are almost impossible to forge.

In order to get the Digital Signature Certificate Online with us then just fill this emudhra DSC Form.

How to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate

There are several steps that have to be taken to apply properly for a digital signature certificate. The steps are:

  • Step 1: It is essential that one has to log in and select the type of entity and log into the certifying authority license board's website which has the right to issue digital certificates in India. When the page is accessed, this will be guided to the section of Digital certification services. The type of entity can easily be selected from the Digital certification services link. If the applicant is looking for an individual DSC, one must choose the option of Individual. A new tab will be generated which will contain the DSC registration form. The form can be downloaded on the personal computer.

  • Step 2: One has to fill the necessary details of the form. The necessary details which need to be fulfilled in the form are stated as below:
    1. Class of the DSC
    2. Validity
    3. Type: Only Sign or Sign & Encrypt
    4. Applicant Name & Contact Details
    5. Residential Address
    6. GST Number & Details of Proof Documents
    7. Declaration
    8. Document as proof of identity
    9. Document as proof of address
    10. Attestation Officer
    11. Payment Details

    After all, the required details are to be filled up very carefully and the recent photograph should be affixed under the declaration of the form. It is to be checked very carefully before one submits the form. A print is to be taken of the original form and it is to be preserved very carefully.

  • Step 3: There must be proof of identity and address on the form. The supporting document must have the proof of identity of the person and address which needs to be attested by the officer who is responsible for it. One has to ensure that the signature and seal of the attesting officer must be clear on the proof documents which are acting as the supplementary documents.

  • Step 4: The next step comes as the payment for the DSC. A demand draft is to be drawn or a cheque can be written when it is time to pay for the application of DSC. This is to be done in the name of the Local Registration Authority who is going to submit the application for verification of the DSC. The details of the local registration authority can be found when the city of residence is searched for a certifying authority who can license the digital certificates on the on- line platform.

  • Step 5: It is essential to post the documents. The following has to be enclosed in an envelope.

    1. DSC Registration Form duly completed: This is the supplementary document that can help to prove the identity and the proof of address has to be presented by the attesting officer.

    2. Demand Draft/Cheque for payment: The enclosed envelope has to be addressed to the Local Registration Authority and it has to be posted to the stated address for the continuation of other procedures. When the given steps are already completed after filling up the DSC form, the payment is done and this is the completion of the process for the digital signature certificate.

Digital Signature Certificate Significance

A digital signature is something that provides authenticity to a document and helps the person who is reading it to identify which company has the copyright of that particular document. The role of digital documentation is not so simple as stated. It does not only provide authenticity but also protects the document with the help of a code which is generated while designing the document. This can protect the data even when it is put up on an online platform. This has been very helpful for the company who has been trying to administer Digital documentation and the use of digital signature has been helpful for the environmental causes as well.

Documents Required to for DSC Digital Signature

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. PAN Card

The Process to Apply Digital Signature Online

  • Step 1: Visit the E-Digital Signature Website

  • Step 2: Fill all the details on Digital Signature Registration Form as per your requirements

  • Step 3: Make the online payment for your Digital Signature Application

  • Step 4: One of the registration executives will process your Digital Signature application

  • Step 5: In 1-2 working hours you will receive your Digital Signature Certificate in your registered e-mail address

The process to Apply Digital signature online - DSC Digital Signature Certificate - Apply for DSC, Benefits, Documents required for DSC

Obtain your Digital Signature Certificate Now! If you still have any queries related to Digital Signature, then visit our FAQ - Frequently Asked Question page.


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